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What’s the best way for you to get to the next level in your dancing? It’s my personalized and intensive 3-month program to help you rapidly achieve your tango goals.

My approach is concentrated on sharing myself with you completely. Once I understand a student’s personality and what they need I recognize and impart the method that will be most effective. I aim to bring out your potential as fast as possible. Everyone learns differently so I choose techniques from several different dance styles that will apply to you.

Dancing is about expressing your feelings through movement. Find that movement, refine and apply it to the style of music and to your partner. Allow yourself to own and to create that feeling.

My Tango Story - A Journey with Mayte Vicens

I invite you to view the engaging documentary film produced by a student showing the success of my Intensive Program. Photographer and filmmaker Julia Juliati focused on Mayte’s unique approach to teaching Argentine Tango.

To see this engaging documentary, please visit www.mytangostory.com.

 Or read about the project here: My Tango Story - Interactive Reader

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