IMG 0817-kidsstageOur programs for youngsters fosters pride in each one’s heritage and helps to unite children from all over the world. At the same time these programs have a multitude of benefits which emphasize the physical, social and emotional benefits of music and dancing:

Eliminates barriers between different cultures and generations
Encourages collaboration and creativity
Promotes healthy discipline through practice
Teaches musicality, including rhythm and tempo
Encourages proper etiquette through non-verbal cues, dress and appearance
Empowers students by building their self-confidence
Promotes self-respect, unity and an appreciation for diversity

Kids' Multicultural Dance - Latin/Ballroom/Jazz Fusion

Please refer to our Events Calendar to find dates, times, locations and additional information regarding weekly and upcoming classes including:

Latin Jazz Classes for Teens
Ballroom and Latin Dance for Kids


Our children's programs are also being offered at several schools in the NYC public school system. Ask for additional information on how to incorporate this transformational program into your local public or private school. 

Kids Program Gallery

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