my tango story juliati vicens 07Are you eager to learn a new dance? Or do you want to improve upon what you already know? Our offerings of classes are developed precisely for you.

Our groups are comprised of all levels of tango dancers, from beginners to intermediate to advanced. Classes are designed to satisfy your serious drive to succeed while simultaneously having fun!

Beginners are always welcome. You never feel intimidated because you are paired with others at your level as you learn from the outset the proper techniques of the tango. You’ll be taught the right way of how to maneuver on the dance floor and how to own the fundamentals of partnering. Watching the more advanced students will give you the vision of what you’ll be doing in the future.

We offer classes Monday, Thursday and Friday so you can find the right class that fits your level and schedule availability.  Each class includes a wonderful intense workout and professional dance training in a very positive and pleasure-filled environment.

Please refer to our Events Calendar to find dates, times, locations and additional information regarding weekly classesand upcoming special workshops.

Tango Dance Gallery

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